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Play Yard Safety TipsChoose a play yard with the correct recommended height and weight of the child. The play yard, including side rails, should be fully erected prior to use. Always follow the manufacturers’ instructions (Remember to apply the same rules to portable play yards.) Follow these guidelines for safe use of a play yard:Do not add padding or other objects inside the play yard, which permit your child to climb out.Make sure all latching features of the play yard are in place and secure.NEVER leave baby in a mesh play yard if its drop side is in the down position. The baby could roll into the space between the pad and loose mesh, causing suffocation.Choose a play yard with mesh holes no larger than 1/4”. Slats on a wooden play yard should be no more than 2 3/8” apart.Check vinyl or fabric-covered rails frequently for holes and tears.Don’t tie items across the top of the play yard as they can entangle baby and cause strangulation.Infants can suffocate in gaps between a mattress too small or too thick and product sides, or on soft bedding. Never add a mattress, pillow, comforter, or padding.Look for the JPMA Certification Seal.
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